Pine Barons (Record Release Show!)

Pine Barons (Record Release Show!)

Mumblr, Grubby Little Hands, The Retinas

Thu, August 3, 2017

Doors: 6:30 pm / Show: 7:00 pm


Philadelphia, PA


This event is all ages

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Pine Barons
Pine Barons
“Their clever, playful name got our attention, and their snappy music held it.”
-John Vettese, The Key WXPN

“Although their name is rooted in the forest, Pine Barons’ music travels across wide open ranges and some rather rocky terrain, offering an interestingly mixed, yet fully organic, bag of influences and surprises.”
-Peter Quinton, Monmouth University

“The glum tapering of the summer season in songs that feel more alive than you’re probably thinking right now. Listen and you’ll hear the triumphant graveyard shifting of Creeper Lagoon or some mutant, less mahogany-covered version of the capital Beachwood Sparks. You’ll hear in them musky warmth, the smell of a toasty, wood-smoked flannel, rainbowed Autumn trees and a night cut wide open by a spitting orange bonfire.”
-Sean Moeller, Daytrotter
Mumblr's sophomore record, The Never Ending Get Down, is a raw album that exposes us as musicians and song writers. We sought to depart from our pop-punk past and create something more mature in order to push ourselves musically. Most of the songs were based off of dreams I had so the writing process was like trying to record what happened in your dream after you've woken up. You get bits and pieces of the narrative and maybe a glimpse at some of the characters but you can never quite capture the visceral particulars or the vivid, surreal elements. That's what makes a dream a unique experience. So most of the record has this same feel. It's very blue. it's lethargic and the lyrics don't ever really complete a linear thought. There's no narrative. They just sort of exist. The whole thing just...exists. You know when things just kind of come together? And sometimes you can't even remember why you wanted to do it in the first place? That's The Never Ending Get Down. No real reason. No real purpose. No real goal. You just do it because your mind is overflowing and this just happens to be what your body spits up.
Grubby Little Hands
The Retinas
Venue Information:
531 North 12th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123