Flesh World

Flesh World

The Guests, False Tracks

Sat, June 10, 2017

Doors: 7:30 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

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Flesh World
Flesh World
Flesh World is a dream punk group formed in the summer of 2012 in San Francisco. The quartet includes Scott Moore (Guitar, Synths) Jess Scott (Vocals, Guitar) Andrew Luttrell (Bass, Backing Vocals) Sam Lefebvre (Drums). Jess and Scott met while loitering around the Panhandle district​, listening to records, gossiping, and playing live shows around town with their bands (Scott plays in hardcore group Limp Wrist and Jess played in the indie pop band Brilliant Colors). The pair immediately bonded over a shared love of The Velvets and The Mary Chain. They began writing songs in Scott’s lofted bedroom in the ​City and took their name from a XXX magazine​. ​The fully formed band released their first self-titled 6-song EP in December 2013 for London punk imprint La Vida Es Un Mus Discos. Two 7” singles were followed by their debut album ‘The Wild Animals In My Life’ released in 2015 on Iron Lung Records.

‘Into The Shroud’ is Flesh World’s fifth release and sophomore album, and their first for Dark Entries Records. Each of these songs speak to a chaotic or sometimes eclectic period of influence of different books, ideas, drawings, saints, stories, and aims gathered in the two year writing process since the previous album. Themes of this record include writer, advice columnist, and Dreamland actress Cookie Mueller, the youth’s effect on the general political psychosis of nostalgia​, icon ​Billy Fury, and the writings and drawings of Jean Cocteau as a hovering guide for living with less rules. The record is a topological map showing the cities of the Bay Area and Los Angeles in rapid change, looking to the books, records, and artists paid study to in order to create continuity in the constant flux of the city, the punk show, the gay world, and the rest of the environments Flesh World insulate themselves in for survival.

The group’s dynamic has greatly ​solidified on this album ​with​ a brilliant new rhythm section​. Flesh World find it easy to be influenced by a range of musicians from the guitar flourishes of Alan Rankine of the Associates​​, the swinging notes Johnny Marr of the Smiths, to the romantically desperate vibe of Roland S​.​ Howard and Nikki Sudden, to the razor thin vocals of Jenny Ross from Section 25, the androgynous vocals of Roy Orbison, to the structured synths of ​OMD. Imagine bodied guitar hooks blending into desaturated pop vocals, injections of synthesizer melodies and anxious drum builds, peaking into a pure punk-driven dream.

‘Into the Shroud’ was recorded with ​J​ack Shirley at The Atomic Garden in East Palo Alto, California​. There always seem to be incidental forces at work in gathering characters for a Flesh World record: during the previous LP, Scott had just finished reading The Secret Historian which profiles gay lifestyle photographer and pornographer J. Brian, and when the group found the LP cover photo at a garage sale they realized it was also​ taken by J.​ Brian. This time around Cookie Mueller seems to be watching over the process; Scott recently ​saw two art shows in one day in New York; one that was imagined merchandise that would have been produced if John Waters films were marketed to children and the other about AIDS, the common thread was Cookie, whom Jess wrote about in “This Great Cheap Face” on the current record. ​Each copy includes a double sided fold-out poster with lyrics, a collage of video stills of the band, and photos pulled from queer literature and arts.
The Guests
The Guests
In the fall of 2014, 30 of my Facebook friends suddenly changed their names to Mike Kaminsky and their profile pictures to a bunch of clones that kind of look like Robert Pattinson. It was close to impossible to tell any of them apart. They worked at a unified pack, constantly spamming one another's Facebook pages, begging others to "please, do join us," and generally trolling Zuckerberg, unbeknownst to the man himself. People did join them. The Kaminsky horde grew and grew until they were in the hundreds. There were Kaminskys in Brazil and even Dubai, but the origins of Kaminsky traced back to two bands in Philly who share some members—Noisey darlings Sheer Mag and the Guests.

We probably wouldn't have known about the Guests or their Kaminsky anthem "Third Coming" if it wasn't for the Facebook Kaminsky invasion, so thanks, Mike. The Guests pull influence from 80s darkwave and gothic pop, and they're all a bunch of commies. Although "Third Coming" cribs its chorus from the Kaminsky "join us" mantra, the band told Impose last year that the song's about a revolution and that their "vision is workers' liberation." Well, the Guests have decided to give us an exclusive stream today of their whole new album according to their ability, for us to post, according to our need.

The EP was produced by the venerable Ronnie Stone, who we recently interviewed. The Kaminsky thing is pretty much dead these days, but the Guests live on. Please, do join them.
False Tracks
Short songs from Philadelphia. ex Ropers, Lilys, Royal Shoals, Glitter, Snow Faries.
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531 North 12th St.
Philadelphia, PA, 19123