Universal Order Of Armageddon

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R5 Productions Presents

Universal Order Of Armageddon

Trophy Wife, Nothernmost

Sun, January 23, 2011

7:00 pm

The Barbary

Philadelphia, PA


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Universal Order Of Armageddon
Universal Order Of Armageddon
First show in Philadelphia in 16 years. Guitar as sloppy science. Bass as barfight. Drum as brick hypnosis. Voice as missing file. Universal Order of Armageddon has had it's music released by record labels such as Kill Rock Stars, Gravity, and Jade Tree.

"Reunion implies history and legacy and acknowledgement of such, but UOA just is, a band that would prefer to live always in the present and always in that present moment’s own context. A show, whether this year or in another 16 years, should be like “popping out of a manhole,” Joy says. No genre, no time."- Michael Byrne, Baltimore City Paper, Jan. 19th, 2011
Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife
Trophy Wife has been a band for five years. Katy and Diane met in Washington, DC working on a magazine together.

The two began playing together and developed an instinctual language musically – it became clear early on that any band to emerge from their jam sessions would be a duo. They began crafting songs that would later become their first album. “Patience Fury,” recorded by Devin Ocampo (Smart Went Crazy, Faraquet, Medications) was released on Raleigh, North Carolina’s 307Knox Records in 2010 (Patience Fury 033, LP http://307knoxrecords.bigcartel.com/product/trophy-wife-patience-fury-lp-vinyl).

The band developed a regional following, and began extending its reach, playing frequently in the South, East Coast and mid-West. Drawing comparisons to both riot grrrl aesthetics Diane had never heard and dude-metal persuasions that Katy could never embody, the two were steadfastly determined to eke out a liminal space in between – with an interest in politics and poetry, metal and Americana, identity and society.

The band eventually relocated to Philadelphia, PA. Trophy Wife continued to play events focused on the queer community, economic justice, Girls Rock Camp movement (Diane is the Program Director for Girls Rock Philly), and more – including its staple of metal shows in dive bars. Often being accidentally compared to bands of guys in England or Pennsylvania who bear their same name, Trophy Wife is tongue in cheek about its gender politics, believing music to be a vital space to move across difference and convey ideas.

Their sophomore release, “Sing What Scares You" was recorded by Steve Roche and includes lyrics in German and French, Otto and Foglizzo’s ancestral tongues, respectively. The band toured on this record on the East Coast, in Europe, and on the West Coast.

The two have a host of new songs they've been working on and a number of projects outside of music that fuel the band. Check them out at trophywifetheband.bandcamp.com and trophywife.theband.blogspot.com.
From Baltimore.
Venue Information:
The Barbary
951 Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125