Buke and Gase

Buke and Gase

Ahleuchatistas, Norwegian Arms

Fri, February 1, 2013

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm

Johnny Brenda's

Philadelphia, PA

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is 21 and over

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Buke and Gase
Buke and Gase
As one might imagine, the two Aron(e)s have unorthodox interests. Here is a little bit about them:

Arone Dyler: originally from a small town in Minnesota. studied piano and percussion, but focused as a self-taught guitarist beginning at age 9, and sang uncontrollably even before that. technical college dropout, preferred to learn through experience. has been, among other trades, a carpenter, landscaper, cabinetmaker, article writer, bike messenger, and bike racer. enjoys bicycle-related engineering feats. has worked as a bicycle mechanic since 2003 and has traveled extensively for bike related work to places like Ghana, El Salvador and Nicaragua. customizes or makes from scratch the majority of her clothing including shoes and accessorizeable creations of the jewel-like kind. builds most of what she needs but doesn't have, unless she finds it on the street. makes great scones with goat butter. doesn't read books often, but usually gets into science/ anthropological/ philosophical non-fiction. eats meat once a week. a lot of it. no major debts.

Aron Sanchez: grew up on the coast of Maine surrounded by water, art, and lots of vinyl records. began studying piano at age 9. built first stringed instrument at 10. started 4-track recording and taking apart audio gear at 12. put them back together at 13. studied jazz bass. got a BFA at RISD. became really good with a soldering iron while listening to Arvo Part and Fugazi. moved to NYC, interned at recording studios, made guitar pedals, performed in the Blue Man Group band and worked as the musical instrument designer for Blue Man Productions. created Polyphonic Workshop, a recording studio and instrument fabrication workshop in Red Hook, Brooklyn, and records many Brooklyn bands such as Japanther. currently lives between Brooklyn and Hudson, NY. side projects include designing tube amplifiers and ribbon microphones. likes to build and fix most anything. bedside reading: electronic schematics, Tape Op and McMaster-Carr catalogs. climbs rocks. pescatarian.
Ahleuchatistas is guitarist Shane Perlowin and drummer Ryan Oslance on a musical odyssey of pure imagination, limitless in influences, combining tight-knit composition with improvisation, and delivering powerful live shows.
The project was founded in 2002 and has evolved organically in its near-decade long history as the muse leads through the creative sonic continuum...
About the name, two words were once married to give an identity and conceptual continuity to a musical enterprise without limits.
Ah-leu-cha & Zapatistas.
The first is the title of a Charlie Parker song, the second that of a revolutionary movement which began in Chiapas, Mexico in 1994.
Musical revolution and social revolution combined into a single coinage.
Movement and the constant outstripping of itself are what unifies all the sounds under this single name.

"Music doesn't get much closer to the edge than this." – Alternative Press

"…remarkably tight, with the ability to turn complicated and seemingly unrelated phrases on a dime." – NPR

"Formerly a trio, the band…has pared down to a duo….The new sound…has…a much greater emphasis on ragged, high-tempo garage prog brutality and spine-chilling soundscapes. 4stars[Location, Location]" –DownBeat

"…There's noise and fire in their playing, but most of these tunes are also studded with signposts, demanding close attention and clear execution. …" – NY Times

"Not superfluous or simply framed on a crash-and-burn musical ethic, Ahleuchatistas translates into a mindset that circumvents stereotypes or anything that links to a product-driven formula. Loud, rebellious, and riotously invigorating, the band tears down convention to impart a unique identity and sprawling musical plane, unbound by traditional applications or instilled with acquiescence." - All About Jazz

Past members: Sean Dail - drums. Derek Poteat - bass.
Norwegian Arms
Norwegian Arms
Three years, two EPs and one album since his Siberian sojourn, Keith Birthday of Norwegian Arms has turned his focus away from the confines of his tiny apartment in the Taiga, which largely informed the songs on their debut LP, Wolf Like a Stray Dog. That doesn't mean that the sunny folk music generated by his time in Tomsk, Russia has become any less relevant, or that the sound has changed drastically. Instead, it's morphed from real-time cultural awe and suffering to nostalgia, and while the memories remain, new ones have taken their place. That being said, nothing has, or perhaps ever will, replace the childhood mandolin on which these songs are written, perhaps the only constant in this ever-evolving project.

In the time since returning to his native Philadelphia, Birthday has found new beauty in the wreckage that surrounds his post-industrial warehouse apartment. Dilapidated buildings, shifting friendships, and late night bicycle rides inform this new batch of songs, a celebration of deeper personal understanding. Still deeply influenced by his continued travels, these new songs draw from trips to South America and Europe, and the sense of Wanderlust remains.

Still obsessed with languages and their systems, Birthday refers to these new songs as imperfective, referring to verb 'aspect' present in Slavic languages, which focuses on the current process, not a past event or a future result. He still feels strongly that it's about the journey, not the destination, a spirit still embodied by these songs.
Venue Information:
Johnny Brenda's
1201 N. Frankford Ave
Philadelphia, PA, 19125