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Pig Destroyer

Municipal Waste, Repulsion, Tombs, EVOKEN

Sat, January 19, 2013

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 7:30 pm

Union Transfer

Philadelphia, PA


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This event is all ages

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Converge is a four-piece American band, formed in the winter of 1990 in Salem, Massachusetts, United States. Playing a blend of extreme metal and hardcore punk, this pioneer outfit helped define a lot of the rudiments of the fast-burgeoning metalcore and mathcore genres.

They first started by playing covers of hardcore, punk and heavy metal songs, being self-confessed ”hardcore kids with leftover Slayer riffs”. The band soon graduated to playing live performances in 1991 after recording some demos on a 4-track recorder.

In their latter years, Converge have enjoyed relatively high levels of popularity despite the esoteric feel of their music and the substantial lack of media attention they receive. The extreme nature of their music, particularly the atonal vocals and often complicated finger-work of the guitar riffs make it difficult for some to appreciate this brand of metal. Later records have gradually become more extensively produced largely due to the maturation of their sound.

Converge’s influences range from hardcore punk bands, such as Black Flag, Negative Approach, The Accüsed, and Born Against; metal bands like Black Sabbath, Godflesh, Slayer, and Entombed; and proto-mathcore bands Starkweather and Rorschach. Jacob Bannon has also discussed an appreciation for and inspiration from grindcore on Earache Records, post-hardcore on Dischord Records; thrash metal, such as Suicidal Tendencies, Vio-Lence, and Death Angel, and post-punk groups, such as Depeche Mode and The Cure.
Pig Destroyer
Pig Destroyer
Virginia’s extreme sound nihilists PIG DESTROYER deliver savage grindcore that is both intentionally confrontational and thoroughly pummeling. PIG DESTROYER formed in 1997, when vocalist J.R. Hayes and guitarist Scott Hull decided to unite in their efforts to create utterly destructive grindcore. The trio began rehearsing and immediately found that their common musical interests produced intelligent and incendiary music. Derived from a non-musical source as extreme as the band’s sound, PIG DESTROYER’s easily-identifiable logo took form when the emblem from the infamous Answer Me! magazine was disassembled and rearranged.

This lineup meshed well and recorded their self-titled demo, which met to a rousing response. A PIG DESTROYER / ORCHID split 7” was then released, and quickly sold out. In early 1998, the band embarked on an East Coast tour that culminated with an appearance at New Jersey’s Paperweight Festival, where PIG DESTROYER crushed alongside contemporaries CONVERGE, KID DYNAMITE and ISIS.

1998 then saw the band initiate skinsman Brian Harvey into the faction. PIG DESTROYER was growing in name and sound, a CD entitled 'Explosions in Ward 6' was released, and PIG DESTROYER increased their visibility, touring and playing shows with the likes of DISCORDANCE AXIS, PHOBIA, DAYBREAK, THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN and CATTLEPRESS. Great reaction to the 'Explosions in Ward 6' album established PIG DESTROYER as one of the best new grind acts to emerge worldwide in the last decade.

PIG DESTROYER toured throughout 1999 and 2000 with DAYBREAK and GODSTOMPER, further abusing the East Coast scene(s). Standout performances at Philly’s Stalag 13, NYC’s CBGBs, the 2000 March Metal Meltdown, and at New York’s renowned Knitting Factory saw the buzz on PIG DESTROYER reach a new high.

Relapse signed the band and issued a PIG DESTROYER / ISIS split 7” (PIG DESTROYER covered the CARCASS classics "Genital Grinder" and "Regurgitation Of Giblets") as part of the label’s ‘Singles Series’ in July 2000. Released as a limited edition of 2000, the single sold out in less than a month’s time, garnishing cult status for the release. Plans were made to release a complete band discography under the guise '38 Counts Of Battery.' '38 Counts Of Battery' is an intense register of the band’s work and includes the remastered 'Explosions In Ward 6' album, tracks from the ISIS and ORCHID splits and their scalding demo.

PIG DESTROYER then took listeners on a rampaging journey through an unsettling, psychotic world with their 2001 album, 'Prowler In The Yard.' Melding an insane musical attack with similarly jarring lyrical prose and an unmatched propensity to incite, 'Prowler In The Yard' hit listeners like a coal-black monolith of nihilism. Equally extreme artwork by noted tattoo artist Paul Booth perfectly complemented PIG DESTROYER’s aural atrocities, setting the tone for what could only be called a disturbing listening "experience." The record stunned music fans, garnering lavishing praise, and becoming one of the more talked about extreme music releases in recent history. Headlining performances at the 2002 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and 2002 Relapse Records CMJ Showcase, alongside a hi-profile set at the Relapse Records Contamination Festival in Philadelphia, cemented PIG DESTROYER’s place among the new goliaths of heavy music.

PIG DESTROYER then continued work on the follow-up to 'Prowler In The Yard.' In what would turn out to be an exhausting, lengthy creative process, the band assumed the ambitious goal of creating a multi-media monster (CD / Audio-DVD package) with their next release. Choosing to name the album 'Terrifyer,' the band worked to create something different, something new to extreme music fans.

In January, 2004, PIG DESTROYER toured Japan as part of the "Extreme the Dojo" tour series where PIG DESTROYER delivered explosive live sets alongside NAPALM DEATH, and NASUM. The band headlined the 2004 New England Metal and Hardcore Festival and was profiled by the FUSE Network’s “Uranium” program. Meanwhile, a video for "Piss Angel," from 'Prowler In The Yard,' surfaced and saw air time on both MTV2 and FUSE.

‘Terrifyer’ saw its release in the Fall of 2004, embodying a frighteningly compelling mix of metal, grind, thrash and punk rock that seethes with intensity. PIG DESTROYER's vicious attack set out to envelop the listener in a cocoon of grisly nihilism. 'Terrifyer' featured 32 minutes of unrelenting sonic battery as well as the 37-minute Audio-DVD track "Natasha," mixed in glorious 5.1 Surround Sound. Immediately upon the release of 'Terrifyer,' PIG DESTROYER embarked on their first UK headlining tour, fronting the 2004 "Grind Over UK" tour with HALO and others in tow.

PIG DESTROYER spent 2005 continuing to trounce the world with their blistering live set, banging heads at the Relapse Records SXSW Showcase Show in Austin, TX, MacRock in Virginia, and Maryland Deathfest as well as performing a handful of European shows with ROTTEN SOUND and labelmates LENG TCH’E. PIG DESTROYER also returned to the West Coast for the first time in three years for a week-long run with UPHILL BATTLE, PHOBIA and TRIAC, including a stop in Tijuana, Mexico.

2006 began for PIG DESTROYER with a brief run along the East Coast with noise enthusiasts WHITEHOUSE and WOLF EYES, bringing with them Blake Harrison to man samples and noise during their live sets. Harrison later became the official fourth member of PIG DESTROYER later that year. The band spent the remainder of the year harvesting ideas for ‘Terrifyer’s follow-up.

The band started drawing inspiration from all that was around them and, like Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, all of the elements came together like a stroke of genius mixed with equal parts madness, birthing ‘Phantom Limb’. ‘Phantom Limb’ will see a June 12th North American release date (June 18th internationally) and furthers the enigmatic band's nihilistic, shock and awe attack. With it, PIG DESTROYER boil metal down to its muscle, sinew, and bone - razor-sharp guitar, percussive pummeling, and a lone, stark howl - and use them to commit a vicious assault. The lyrics paint loathsome, frightening images of pitch-black self-hatred and the frailty of the human experience. With ‘Phantom Limb’, PIG DESTROYER provides a musical manifestation of the violent experience of the human animal, and cements their already legendary status.
Municipal Waste
Municipal Waste
Hailing from Richmond, Virginia, Municipal Waste are the reigning kings of the New Wave of Crossover. Municipal Waste deliver blazing fast, raw thrash-core in the tradition of DRI, Suicidal Tendencies, "Animosity"-era Corrosion Of Conformity, Nuclear Assault and Attitude Adjustment. All barely in their 20's, the members of Municipal Waste inject youthful energy and humor into a classic genre they were too young to catch the first time around.

With a self-titled EP on Amendment Records, an LP entitled "Waste 'Em All" on Six Weeks Records, and several splits and comps under their belts, Municipal Waste have quickly established themselves as the leaders of a fast-growing scene of bands resurrecting the spirit of the mid-80's Crossover scene.

Fast, furious, and funny, each of Municipal Waste's super-short songs is a memorable anthem to post-apocalyptic mutants, beer, thrash music, or all of the above. The band's dedication is deadly serious yet they are not afraid to bring the fun back into hardcore. Bashing out songs with such titles as "Thrashing's My Business And Business Is Good", "Thrash? Don't Mind If I Do", and "Drunk As Shit", (as well as a split EP whose songs were all based on Kurt Russell films), Muncipal Waste have earned themselves the tag of "party thrash".

Rumors of Municipal Waste's awesome live shows have spread from coast to coast and across the world; the band departs on their first European tour this month. Upon their return to the states, Municipal Waste will begin work on their Earache debut.
Repulsion were an early grindcore / death metal band from Flint, Michigan. Their innovations were significant to the development of the death metal and grindcore genres.
Matt Olivo and Scott Carlson,with bassist Sean MacDonald, formed Tempter in 1984, a metal act covering bay area thrash metal bands, such as Slayer and Metallica. The group's sound became increasingly infused with hardcore punk when Phil Hines, of Flint hardcore punk band Dissonance, joined as a drummer. They juggled band names, first renaming themselves Ultraviolence and then Genocide before recording their first demo in 1984. In spite of their growing popularity in the underground Genocide struggled to survive and faced difficulty maintaining a consistent lineup. In the summer of 1985 Chuck Schuldiner, of pioneering death metal act Death, invited Carlson and Olivo to Florida to complete the Death lineup. The two parties failed to settle on a uniform creative direction and the merger proved short lived. Carlson and Olivo returned to Flint that summer, determined to reform Genocide . Local punk Dave 'Grave' Hollingshead was recruited as drummer. In 1985 the reformed Genocide recorded the Violent Death demo tape, with Carlson assuming bass duties, and resumed gigging locally. In early 1986 Aaron Freeman was invited into the band as a second guitarist. With their line-up fleshed out, Genocide recorded in a studio for the first time to lay down the tracks for what was supposed to be their first album The Stench of Burning Death - it ended up being their third demo. By 1986 Repulsion's trademark style had matured; characterised by raspy shouted vocals, extremely distorted down-tuned guitars, overdriven punkish riffs, absurd rambling solos interjected as if only as an afterthought, rumbling bass lines, and machine-gun drumming. Repulsion was experimenting with a hammering, static clouded, lo-fi sound that was on a level of extreme that had been touched on by few bands before. To complement the band's sound they penned gruesome lyrics; focusing on fantastic apocalyptic themes ranging from zombie epidemics to nuclear war.

Finally in 1989 Repulsion's material enjoyed modest, albeit posthumous, exposure when UK grindcore pioneers Carcass distributed a Repulsion compilation titled Horrified on their own Necrosis Records label; a subsidiary of Earache Records. With interest in Repulsion rekindled, the band decided to reform in 1990. They resumed gigging with the (almost) 'classic' Repulsion lineup - Scott Carlson bass and vocals, Aaron Freeman on guitar, and Dave Grave on drums; Matt Olivo, then serving in the army, filled in as a second guitarist when possible. Repulsion recorded two self financed demos in 1991: Rebirth, and their Final Demo, often criticised as lacking the drive and intensity of the band's earlier material. Later that year they managed to release a single on Relapse entitled Excruciation. In spite of new material the band broke up yet again in 1993. Scott Carlson went on to play in Cathedral briefly, the rest of the band departed for short-lived projects or simply returned to everyday life. There is some life in the band yet: Relapse re-released Horrified again in 2003, drawing attention to Repulsion once more, and prompting the band to resume live performance. In 2004 Repulsion also released a live DVD.

In 2008, Repulsion opened for At the Gates on their "Suicidal Final Tour" throughout the US, along with Darkest Hour and Municipal Waste

Venom, Hellhammer, Slayer, Slaughter (Canada), and Discharge have been repeatedly cited in interviews as major influences. Various bands have recorded covers of Repulsion songs, including Napalm Death and Entombed.
The trio tread a unique musical path that draws equally from several disparate music worlds. The austere and appropriately-titled album is a somber, sobering affair that brings together hypnotic psychedelic harmonies, lush and introspective sonic textures, and a relentless intensity found in the most blackened metal to stunning effect.
Whether through driving melodies, explosive noise, or the most fragile of interludes, Winter Hours hits hard and resonates deeply within the listener
EVOKEN was formed in April of 1992 by guitarist Nick Orlando under the name FUNEREUS. After rehearsing with various local musicians for a brief period, guitarist Phil Wilson & bassist/vocalist Rob Robichaud joined the band. Still needing a drummer, ex Body Of Christ drummer Vince Verkay was asked to join in June of 1992. With the lineup now complete, the band recorded their first two song rehearsal demo in July of 1992. This line up continued rehearsing into the early stages of 1993. It was at this point in time when the band decided to change their name to ASMODEUS.

Unfortunately, the next year and a half would come to be the band's most difficult period as both Rob & Phil decided to leave. Faced with ending the band due to a lack of interested musicians, Nick & Vince kept the band afloat by rehearsing new material. Finally, in August of 1994, the band came upon ex Grim Legion guitarist/vocalist John Paradiso & bassist Bill Manley through ads placed in a local paper. With a new start and a new lineup, the band decided once again to change their name..for EVOKEN. It was with this lineup that the band recorded their 2nd demo "Shades Of Night Descending" in October of 1994. It received great response and would eventually be re-released by Adipocere Records of France in 1996.

In 1995, EVOKEN decided to expand and improve their sound by adding keyboards. After meeting up with recently relocated & ex Infester drummer Dario Derna, it was realized that he was also a keyboard player and immediately asked him to join. After writing new material, this lineup entered the studio and recorded their 3rd demo in mid 1996 hoping to gain label interest. Lineup problems plagued the band once again though as Bill was asked to leave directly following the recording. Bill was replaced by bassist Steve Moran, and due to a continued lack of label interest, the band went into the studio once again in 1997 to record another demo. This time, the band gained the interest of at the time brand new label Elegy Records of New Jersey. The band went into the studio in early 1998 to record their now cult debut LP "Embrace the Emptiness". Later that same year the band also recorded the track "Strange World" for an Iron Maiden tribute album on Dwell Records.

This lineup continued on together for years; playing shows and eventually recording another song (Snowblind) for Dwell Record's Black Sabbath tribute in 2000, their 2nd full-length album "Quietus" in 2001 & finally this lineups swansong...the 2002 demo. Dario would leave the band following this recording, deciding to move back to his hometown for personal reasons. The band continued on this way for over a year until late in 2003, when they asked Denny Hahn to join ..boards...just in time for a small but very successful European tour. Shortly following the tour however, the band decided to part ways with bassist Steve. This happened to come less than one month before the band was scheduled to record their upcoming album. The band entered the studio in March of 2004 to record their 3rd full length album "Antithesis Of Light" under somewhat chaotic conditions. All bass tracks were handled by John.

Enter the next phase of EVOKEN...In early 2006, longtime friend and current Methadrone mastermind Craig Pillard joined on bass. Unfortunately, there would eventually be some bad news to go along with the good. Later that same year, the band decided to part ways with keyboardist Denny due to the vast distance between them and him. 2006 ended on a doomed note with the long awaited and often rumored re-release of the "Embrace the Emptiness" CD on Solitude Productions of Russia.

In 2007, EVOKEN found its newest home...I Hate Records of Sweden. The band is looking forward to working with a small but upcoming & well respected label such as I Hate. The brand new album "A Caress Of the Void" is now completed & will be released October 31st. This album will expand greatly upon the massive EVOKEN soundscape and blackened, utterly desolate ambience of previous albums...but will also see the band exploring some new areas of atmosphere & sound in their quest to create their own brand of soul-crushing doom. 2007 also saw the band welcome their newest member, keyboardist Don Zaros.

In 2008, EVOKEN welcomed Dave Wagner to our ranks as our new bass player. We have also seen the unfortunate departure of our brother Nick Orlando from our ranks as a full-time member of EVOKEN, due to travel distance. He will still remain an important part of EVOKEN in the future...we wish him well in his future endeavors. With that, we welcome Chris Molinari on guitar. Chris has helped us over the years and is a great addition to our line-up.

2009 has become a busy year for us. We have recorded 4 tracks ( 3 new, 1 old) for a split due out later this year on I Hate Records, with Beneath the Frozen Soil. We have alo recorded the track "Yet the Watchers Guard" for the upcoming tribute to the gods of Lovecraftian Doom..THERGOTHON, due out on Solitude Productions.
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Union Transfer
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Philadelphia, PA, 19123